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The states of Water and where it is found

The states of Water and where it is found

Author: Brian Garcia

second grade science standard 

Obtain information to identify where water is found on Earth and that it can be solid or liquid. 

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Below are various links to help guide you in understanding the different forms of water and where water is found on the earth. After viewing the links and the corresponding activity: complete the quiz questions on this tutorial and then follow the google forum link to respond to that question. 

SketchNotes refresh. Click link for quick overview of sketch notes

Google Quick Draw

Use google quick draw to warm up your doodling potential and to get ready for sketch noting!

Watch the video and while watching the video create sketchnotes that you can refer back to when answering the questions.

Changing the state of water: Solid, Liquid and Gas

Interact with the activity to change water between a solid, liquid and gas. 

The Earth's Water

View the link showing the sources of water on the Earth

Take sketchnotes drawing out the different sources of water and including their percentage.

Google Forum

Follow the link and complete the google forum once you have viewed all of the linked materials.