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The Stereotype Threat

The Stereotype Threat

Author: Lauren Rodriguez
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How we allow Stereotypes to Effect Our Actions

How Stereotypes Affect us and What We Can Do

Fill in your note sheet as you watch the video

** One line = YOUR words
** Two lines = direct quote from video

TOPIC: "I Feel most colored When" 

EQ: How does the etching "I feel most colored when" connect to the way people "blend in" within the real world?


1. How does this poem connect to the "Stereotype Threat?

2. How does the way we blend in or stand out among those around us change how we define ourselves? 

3. How does the way we blend in or stand out change how others define ourselves?

4. How does it feel to be the "different" one 

5. How does feeling like an outsider influence the choices we make?

6. Is out identity influenced more greatly by our similarities to other people or by our differences


- Answer to question

- Example from etching OR real life

SUMMARY: Respond to the EQ with details from your notes