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The Structure of an Essay

The Structure of an Essay

Author: Karen Hamilton

Upon successful completion of this module, the student should be able to:

  1. identify the parts of an essay
  2. identify the characteristics of an effective paragraph
  3. identify the thesis statement
  4. write an effective introduction paragraph that includes a triple point thesis statement
  5. build a well organized and coherent five paragraph essay

This tutorial shows the parts of an essay and provides an outline template for students to use in preparing their essay.

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Structure of an Essay

Here is a graphic representation of the structure of an essay.


Source: Enzo Silvestri, English Instructor

The Essay Roadmap

This slideshow will help you understand how an essay is contrusted. It leads you through each step, providing you a 'roadmap' to completing your essay.

Source: Karen Silvestri, Instructional Specialist

Blank Essay Roadmap with Example

This handout provides you with a blank essay roadmap and an example. Download and print this handout if you want. Use it to help you form an outline for an essay.


Source: Karen Silvestri, Instructional Specialist


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