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The Superhero Powtoon Winners 2014-15

The Superhero Powtoon Winners 2014-15

Author: Janice Davis

Create a Powtoon video that captures the essence of argument writing (in short video) using a claim, reasons, evidence, elaboration, and a strong conclusion.

Students were given the task of creating a short Powtoon video arguing which superpower would be the very best to have, if you could only have one.  After selecting our top 20 from 100, we asked a third-grade class to help us select the five overall winners.  A tie ended up giving us six amazing winning videos.  Check these out and see what you think.  Did they capture your attention?  Have they proven their claim above all others?  Don't you wish you had a superpower now?

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The Top Seven Winners of the 2014-15 Pegasus Superhero Powtoon Argument Contest are ...

These videos were equally ranked as extraordinary examples of using the argument writing format to convince a class of third-graders that the superpowers in these videos would definitely be the very best ever. 

CONGRATULATIONS to each of you for a job well-done!!


You can learn more about this project, and see all 20 finalists by clicking here.

Alex Z! -- Best Overall Use of Argument Writing

Super Sensor

Chad M. -- Favorite Overall Topic

Super Scooper

Gabi C! -- Most Helpful Argument for the World

Curing Caroline

Macy K! -- Best Argument for Animal-Lovers Everywhere

Animal Hero

Jake R! -- Best Argument for Making People Smile

Fest Gwet

Kayta G! -- Best Argument for School Kids Everywhere

Homework Helper

Becca C! -- Overall Best Argument Topic for People Everywhere

Happy Woman