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The Teaching Paradigm Shift

The Teaching Paradigm Shift

Author: Todd Nesloney

Flipping your classroom requires a shift in traditional thinking about your role as a teacher and the design of your lessons. One of the major shifts in thinking is the growing importance of student-to-student interaction, while the teacher becomes more of a guide or facilitator in the learning process. By looking at a backwards design and SMART goals, you will be able to create specific learning objectives, meaningful formative and summative assessments, and engaging technology-based lessons for successful flipped teaching.

Introduce the SMART model for objective writing

Identify the difference between good and vague learning objectives

Demonstrate an understanding of having order (mapping) to the learning objectives

Write good, measurable learning objectives to incorporate into their flipped lesson on

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This lesson will discuss the teaching paradigm shift in planning and delivering your lessons that will occur because you're choosing to flip your classroom.

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The Teaching Paradigm Shift

Slides to accompany the Teaching Paradigm Shift video lesson.

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Creating your first lesson using Sophia

This video discusses how to go about creating your first tutorial using

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Coming Up!

- In the next lesson we'll discuss how the Flipped Classroom really steps up the differentiated classroom and what that looks like.

- Also coming up in a few lessons, "What technology can I use to create???" and a more indepth look at a normal day in the Flipped Classroom.

- If at any point you need to get back to the Flipped Classroom Pathway you can do so by clicking on the link.