The Trojan War

The Trojan War

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With a partner, fill out the KNOW column and the WANT TO KNOW column of the KWL chart about "The Trojan War"

MUST DO: Trojan Horse clip from 'Troy'

Watch the video clip. Can you add anything to the learned column? What questions do you have?

MUST DO: The Trojan Horse Comprehension Passage

With a partner, read and discuss "The Trojan Horse" passage. Answer the comprehension questions on a sheet of loose leaf. Be sure to support your answers with text evidence. Add to your KWL chart: Is there anything you learned? Is there anything more you want to know?

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OPTION 1: The Trojan Horse Cartoon

Watch the video which tells the story of the Greek commander, Ulysses, who managed to trick the Roman residents of the Greek city, Troy. Complete the worksheet that goes along with the video.

OPTION 2: British Museum

Take this tour at the British Museum to learn more about the story of the Trojan War. Complete viewing guide as you go along.

Trojan War Tour of Artifacts - British Museum

OPTION 3: The Trojan Horse Clay Animation

Watch this student created video. Create your own play about the Trojan War to act out using stick puppets.

OPTION 4: Greek Myths about Troy

Choose one of the following myths. Read along while you listen to the myth being read to you. Then create a Power Point presentation or Paperslide video retelling the myth. 

Helen of Troy


The Wooden Horse


JUST FOR FUN! Trojan Horse - Popsicle Sticks - Time Lapse

JUST FOR FUN! Draw the Trojan Horse

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