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The Urinary System

The Urinary System

Author: Nate Holz

The urinary system rids the body of nitrogenous wastes while regulating water, electrolyte, and acid-base balance of the blood.

This lesson is comprised of a 3 part powerpoint that looks into the anatomy and physiology of the urinary system; the anatomy of the system as a whole as well as the specific anatomy of the kidney and the nephron, as well as the formation of urine. Fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance is not looked at in this tutorial.

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Class Log-Urinary System

  • Monday (5/8): Introduce the Digestive System (go over Sophia stuff for this unit.)
  • Wednesday (5/10): A bunch of hand-outs coming your way. Two Digestive sys handouts, both diagrams to label (1.02-1.03). Three Urinary sys handouts (note outline 1 -1.01), Kidney & Nephron label (1.02), and kidney dissection (1.03). We took the first U system notes today and did the kidney dissection.
  • Friday (5/12): Another bunch of handouts; 4 more on the urinary system including note outline #2. We did the cool urinalysis lab and it had its own paper, though this paper was given out to a group (one paper/group.)
  • Monday (5/15): Guest Speaker. You can print from Sophia 3 more papers for the urinary system for extra credit and test prep. They are 1.07, 1.09, and 2.01.

Your Assignments for this Unit, note outlines, including Your Checklist...

Most or all of your assignments for this unit can be found on google drive. Use this link to navigate to my google drive:

Source: Bob Grove

The Urinary System - 3 Part Lecture Notes

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Even though you probably don't choose to spend a lot of time thinking about it, your pee is kind of a big deal. Today we're talking about the anatomy of your urinary system, and how your kidneys filter metabolic waste and balance salt and water concentrations in the blood. We'll cover how nephrons use glomerular filtration, tubular reabsorption, and tubular secretion to reabsorb water and nutrients back into the blood, and make urine with the leftovers.

Source: Hank Green and CrashCourse

Crash Course Anatomy: Urinary System, Part 2

As we promised last week, we're not quite done talking about your pee yet. Today Hank explains how the urinary system regulates the production of urine, by maintaining a study glomerular flow rate. He'll also cover the anatomy of storing and excreting urine -- from the ureters to the urethra -- and the nervous system’s role in controlling the act of urination.

Source: Hank Green and CrashCourse

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On May 20, 2014, Living donor and husband of four years Gert Pieter Christiaan "Chris" Smit, gave the gift of Life to his wife Thea, at the Wits Donald Gordon Medical Clinic.

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