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The Water Cycle

The Water Cycle

Author: Maria Quintero

Grade Level: Fifth Grade

Objective: Students will be able to identify the four different stages of the water cycle and accurately respond to a Google Form questionnaire at the end of the lecture.

Earth Sciences
3. Water on Earth moves between the oceans and land through the processes of evapo­- ration and condensation. As a basis for understanding this concept:
a.  Students know most of Earth’s water is present as salt water in the oceans,                                               which cover most of Earth’s surface.
b.  Students know when liquid water evaporates, it turns into water vapor in the air and can reappear as a liquid when cooled or as a solid if cooled below the freez­ing point of water.

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The Water Cycle

Water Cycle Song

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The Water Cycle Script and Song

Water Cycle Question

What is the substance that naturally exists in three states on Earth? Identify and describe the three states of matter?