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The Way of All Flesh

The Way of All Flesh

Author: Lauren Rodriguez

View the documentary Mrs. Speed shares with Skloot during her visit to Turner Station in Chapter 9 of Skloot's non-fiction novel The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

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The Way of All Flesh Documentary

Watch this documentary focusing on HeLa Cells and take Clear and detailed cornell Notes

Day 1 (Start - 18:43 "Let's make this world, a world that's cancer free"
LENGTH: 3 full pages. (6 sides of the paper)
TOPIC: "The Way of All Flesh" Day 1
EQ: Examine how the desire to cure cancer nullified Henrietta's existence as a human being
*Nullified = cancel out
1. Lacks family history
2. Henrietta's Life
3. Various use of HeLa Cells after Henrietta's death
4. Prison Experiment
5. Growing human cells: "Cell Culture"
6. What went wrong with cell culture?
7. Funding for research --> Mary Lasker
8. Hollywood's crusade against cancer

Day 2

TIME MARKERS: 18:43-41:37

LENGTH: 3 pages front & back

Topic: Way of All Flesh Day 2

EQ: Discuss the negative AND positive effects HeLa cells had on cancer research


- Stanley Gartler has a realization 

- The reaction of Leanord Hayflick

- President Johnson

- President Nixon

- Walter Nelson-Rees' project (Goal & Findings)

- Building 41

- HPT3 Cells

- Strength of HeLa Cells

- Effect of HeLa on cancer research

- Spontaneous Transformation (Cancer Virus)

- Russian Findings

- The U.S. Tests Russian Findings (Reality?, Russian Reaction AND U.S. Reaction)

- Genetic Theory of Cancer (Professor Harris)

- New Interest in Henrietta's Family