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The Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life

Author: Sophia Tutorial

The Wheel of Life

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what's covered
This lesson will describe the Wheel of Life. Specifically, it will cover:
  1. The Wheel of Life

1. The Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life is a popular visual tool or worksheet used in coaching to help team members quickly understand how balanced or fulfilled their life is at this moment.

It usually consists of eight to ten categories or areas considered important for a whole or balanced life.

Wheel of Life

Team members rate their level of satisfaction with each area, then map this onto an image of a wheel. This gives them an immediate overview of their current “life balance.”

big idea
Crucially, the life wheel scoring system also allows clients to see right away which areas of their life might need improvement.

Authored by Kerrie Roberson, DHA, MBA, MSN, BSN, RN-BC, CMSRN, WAAD