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Theme in Literature

Theme in Literature

Author: Gena Kemp

Students will gain working knowledge of how to identify theme in literary works using the resources in this playlist. 

Identifying the theme of a story is a higher order skill and requires the reader to make an inference. Consequently, some students have a difficult time identifying themes.

Students need to understand that in most stories (with the exception of fables), the author will not tell readers what the theme or lesson of the story is. Readers will have to think about what the characters did wrong or right and what they can learn from the character’s experience.

One common mistake that students make when attempting to identify the theme is that they get hung up on the characters or events in the story.

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This slide show discusses theme and its relevance to the reader's understanding of the author's observations about the world around us.

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Source: Kjhatzi

How to find the Theme

This excellent video by Mr. Sato will help you to identify the difference between theme and subject.

Source: MisterSato411