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Theoretical Overview

Theoretical Overview

Author: Craig Coletta

At the end of this tutorial, the learner will understand that conflict resolution theories continue to be generated, and to grow/change as new information is found and integrated.

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Conflict Resolution

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  • Cooperative Model

    An approach to conflict resolution that encourages parties to see themselves as partners working jointly to solve problems.

  • Human Needs Model

    A model of conflict resolution that presumes certain universal human needs, often described in hierarchical terms, influence parties' goals in conflict.

  • Principled Negotiation

    A form of negotiation that focuses on meeting parties' underlying interests rather than competing positions.

  • Conflict Styles Theory

    An approach to conflict resolution which sees the key to resolving conflict as selecting and working within the most appropriate style of resolution.

  • Conflict Transformation

    An approach to conflict resolution which sees the key to resolving and preventing conflicts as changing the fundamental relationship between parties.