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4 Tutorials that teach Theories of Inequality in Race
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Theories of Inequality in Race

Theories of Inequality in Race

Author: Paul Hannan

This lesson will define, discuss, and explain the scapegoat theory, authoritarian personality theory, culture theory, and conflict theory. The key ideas and influence of each will be explained.

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Terms to Know
Authoritarian Personality Theory

A theory of prejudice that sees prejudice as the result of personality development throughout the lifecourse.

Conflict Theory of Prejudice

A theory of prejudice that sees prejudice as rooted in class, and that people in power use prejudicial attitudes to justify their position and entitlements.

Culture Theory of Prejudice

A theory of prejudice that holds that we live in a culture of prejudice and that prejudicial attitudes are transmitted through generations culturally.

Scapegoat Theory

A theory that holds that people blame another person or group for their problems, typically the powerless, when they cannot direct their anger at the appropriate agent.