There is/There are

There is/There are



  1. Learn about the use and form of There is/ There are;
  2. Finish some exercises which will help you understand the concept better;
  3. Understand when we use a/an/some/any.

In this video tutorial you'll learn about form and use of There is and There are. You'll also learn when we use a/an/some/any. There are several examples through out the video followed by Practices, which you'll have to do.

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Step 1


  1. Watch the video titled "There is-There are".
  2. Pause during the video (at the Practice parts) and do the exercises I have assigned for you in the Google Form bellow the video. Each section is clearly marked "Practice 1", Practice 2"...

Video "There is/There are"

Source: teacher Ljubica

Step 2: Practice form

Source: teacher Ljubica