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Thermal Expansion
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Thermal Expansion

Author: Nathan Lampson

This lesson introduces the concept of thermal expansion.

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When the thermal energy increases in a substance, it expands.  The expansion of a substance due to an increase in thermal energy is called thermal expansion. Matter that is being cooled undergoes the opposite of thermal expansion.  When matter is cooled particles in the substance slow down and move closer together.


There are a few exceptions to the rule, however, almost all matter undergoes thermal expansion.



In areas that experience extreme heat in the summer time, the heat from the sun causes roads to expand.  When roads expand and push against each other the stress can lift and crack the road.  



If air is put into a bike tire on a cold day and the bike tire is placed in a freezer, the gaseous matter will move closer together and the tire will become deflated.

Source: By AsSeenInWI

Thermal Expansion