Thermoregulation Virtual Lab

Thermoregulation Virtual Lab


By working through the virtual lab activity and actively recording and analyzing the data, you will be able to:

  1. Explain the anatomy of a countercurrent system.
  2. Explain the functional consequences of a countercurrent system.
  3. Explain how a vascular countercurrent system contributes to body core temperature.
  4. Describe the method of heat exchange utilized by the honeybee when core temperature is high; when core temperature is low.

This virtual lab explores the temperature control in honeybees through the process of countercurrent energy exchange.

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How Honeybees Keep Their Cool

This is the instructions and notes pages for the Virtual Lab.

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Achievement of Thermal Stability by Varying Metabolic Heat Production in Flying Honeybees

This is the original paper by Jon F. Harrison, et al. (1996) that this lab is based on.

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Source: Science, 4 oct 1996, 274: 88-90