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Thesis Development

Thesis Development

Author: Kimberly Walker

Discover what elements go into making a good thesis statement for your Cozy Conversation. 

Write a thesis statement that meets the proficiency requirements on your rubric.

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Flocabulary: Thesis Development


Unfortunately, you cannot view this video independently unless you have a subscription to Flocabulary. 

However, here are the lyrics to the song about Thesis Development.  Also, I am very happy to sign in and show you the video at any point before or after school, at lunch or during any study hall. 


The Thesis

What's a thesis? A sentence that you write for your readers,
Tells them what you're believing, gives them a reason for reading.
It's gonna drive your essay, like it's in the cockpit,
Make it stand out like a nun in the mosh pit.

Put at the end of your first paragraph,
Treat it like a baby - are you taking care of that?
This is big - a thesis needs to be an argument,
That you're arguing, not something so obvious.

Don't say, “Apple is a company,”
That's obvious, and sounding kind of dumb to me.
But if you say: “Apple's products are overrated,”
Now that's something that could be debated.

Okay, you can test if it's a thesis,
“Is it something that a smart person could disagree with?”
Don't say, "Tupac made some good hip-hop."
That's a bad choice like wearing socks with flip-flops.

But: “The Black Panthers influenced Tupac's ideology.”
Is that a better choice? It's gotta be.
Don't make it too large, don't supersize,
Keep it really focused, like a camera guy.

Make your thesis tight like skinny jeans,
Take your time to scrub it down, Mr. Clean.
Do the leg work, make it legitimate,
Do you need to revise? Consider it, get specific with it,
You don't want to mess your message up and misdeliver it,
Have people thinking you're illiterate.

Don't be vague, don't go talking in the first person,
Saying, “I think this book is kind of worth it.”
Yeah - make it clear like a windshield,
And by your conclusion, you will know how a win feels.
Make your thesis clear like a windshield,
And by your conclusion, you'll know how the win feels.




Thesis Building-Page One

Use the rough draft of our Research Outline to help you fill this out before tackling your thesis statement.


Thesis Building-Page Two

Can you identify a well-written thesis? Separate the good from the bad then practice writing your own.