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This I Believe Project

This I Believe Project

Author: Michael Reese

Students will write about a positive belief they have come to hold and how they came to this belief. 

Students will listen to the positive beliefs of their classmates and the life experiences that have formed these beliefs. It is our goal to grow in appreciation for the beliefs of others.  

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What is this I Believe?

This I Believe is a writing project. Thousands of people have submitted essays about a positive belief they have come to hold and how they came to that belief. Decades ago a famous TV and radio news anchor named Edward R. Marrow began collecting these stories. He was concerned about all the negative news and messages that swirled about after World Wars. 

At the This I Believe website we will review the writing guidelines, look at examples of essays on a variety of topics and investigate two beliefs we might consider writing about. The goal of this project is not to convince anyone to believe what you believe. The goal is listen to the positive beliefs of others. Not to judge, but to grow in the acceptance and appreciation of the views of others.

Lets begin by visited the This I Believe website.