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Three Branches of Government

Three Branches of Government

Author: Katie Lucas

Third grade students will research the three branches of U.S. government and use the information gathered to create an advertisement poster.

Social Science Standards:

  • History 3.4.4 Students will understand the three branches of government, with an emphasis on local government.
  • History 3.4.2 Students will discuss the importance of public virtue and the role of citizens, including how to participate in the classroom, in the community, and in civic life.

NETS Standards:

  1. Creativity and Innovation

            b. Create original works as means of personal or group expression

This engaging activity will help third grade students understand the three branches of government and the important role they play in governing our country.

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Day 1 - 45 min.

As a class, review the three branches of U.S. government as discussed in the previous social studies lesson.  Students will then be divided into 5 equal groups. Each group will be assigned one computer to use for researching information about each of the three branches of government.  Any information found will be recorded into the corresponding Google doc form. Group members will take turns using the computer for research and using books for research.

Web Resources

This is Our Government

Day 2&3 - 45 min. each day

Students will create a poster about the three branches of government. The poster must include the following:

  • Names of each branch and student names clearly displayed
  • 5 adjectives to describe the United States
  • 2-3-sentence description of the Legislative branch
  • 2-3-sentence description of the Executive branch
  • 2-3-sentence description of the Judicial branch
  • 4 illustrations/pictures of the three branches of government
  • 1-2 illustrations/pictures of symbols that are important to the U.S.

Students may use the computers to find pictures to download and print for the their poster. Two out of the four pictures must be hand drawn. Each group member must contribute to the poster.

Finally, students will present their posters to the class. Students will be evaluated on whether the poster includes all the required elements or not, as well as a quiz on the three branches.

Three Branches of Government Record Sheet

Use the following Google Doc to record your group's research findings.