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Thrombin Alfa

Thrombin Alfa

Author: Creative BioMart

Thrombin Alfa

The product is a human coagulation protein produced via recombinant DNA technology from a genetically modified CHO cell line. The product is identical in amino acid sequence and structurally similar to naturally occurring human thrombin. The product precursor is secreted to culture medium as single chain form that is proteolytically converted to a two-chain active form (using a protein derived from snakes) and is purified by a chromatographic process that yields a product having hemostatic activities similar to native human thrombin. The cell line used to manufacture the product has been tested and shown to be free of known infectious agents. The cell culture process used in the manufacture of the product employs no additives of human or animal origin. The purification process includes solvent-detergent treatment and nano-filtration steps dedicated to viral clearance. The product product ultimate comes from recombinant human prethrombin-1.

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