Throughout this course you will compile a comprehensive marketing plan using one of

Throughout this course you will compile a comprehensive marketing plan using one of

Author: Emma Drink


Marketing Plan 
Throughout this course you will compile a comprehensive marketing plan using one of the product scenarios below (note you will use the same scenario throughout the course). The company that you choose to submit a marketing plan for is a fictional start-up company based upon the scenarios provided. Submissions will be completed in units II, IV, VI, and VIII which together will comprise a full marketing plan. The general overview is as follows: 
Unit II: Company Overview and Market Research  Overview of Company   Market Research Strategies  Analyzing Macro-environment-PEST Analysis 
MBA 5501, Advanced Marketing 4 
Unit IV: Situation Analysis  Segmentation & Target Market Analysis  Competitive Analysis  SWOT Analysis 
Unit VI: Marketing Strategy  Product Strategies  Place Strategies  Pricing Strategies  Promotional Strategies 
Unit VIII: Marketing Metrics  Marketing Metrics Overview  Application to Fictional Company 
Scenarios to choose from (remember that you will select one and use it for all four submissions): 
1. Caninantics is a start-up company that has created a new dog food dispensing product that will open canned dog food, dump the food into the dog bowl, and dispense the can. The company wants to start marketing this product and subsequently branch into other canine accessories by the end of this year. 
2. Twilight, a start-up company, has contemplated an opportunity with the Baby Boomer generation entering the retirement stage of their lives. As this generation has paved the way for many new businesses over the years, Twilight believes there is yet another opportunity to serve this generation. The service would be a consulting service providing information for active seniors, 55-plus, partial assistance, and full care. This service would involve not only housing but also a host of information related to enjoying this period of their lives. Twilight would like to build a profitable business model that is able to serve these customers. 
3. IT Today is a start-up company that is interested in providing technological assistance to the average consumer that is interested in all the newest technological gadgets (smartphone, tablet, laptops, printers) but does not necessarily have the time or background to maintain their operation. IT Today would like to provide 24/7 technological assistance as well as assistance in networking. The company goal is to put together this business with the end result of a profitable business model. 
4. Athletics Supreme is a company that has been in business about 10 years selling a variety of athletic equipment. They have observed the growing interest in sportswear and would like to expand their product offering to include a line of sportswear and possibly other related lines. Their goal is to provide their customers with “one-stop” shopping opportunities, maintain their brand identity, and still maintain a profit. 

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