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Thursday 4/23 Reading

Thursday 4/23 Reading

Author: Ashley Holst
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Reading Comprehension- Big Reading book


1. Continue reading Antarctic Journal pages 382-383

(If you do no have your book, log into think central. The textbook is available online. It is lesson 13)

2. Answer the following questions- using your book to help you.

       a. What fact about krill made Carl want to taste them?

        b. Why does the author come to the conclusion that krill do not have a flavor of their own?

        c. Why does the author sign out when she goes on a hike? Why is the trail she takes flagged?

Lesson 13 Spelling Worksheet

Choose the correct spelling of the words. You can write your answers on a separate sheet of paper or in your ELA notebook. 

Printable Link

Lesson 13 Vocabulary

Fill in the blanks, you can use a separate sheet of paper, or place answers in ELA notebook. 

Printable link

Grammar Assignment

  1.  Watch Video
  2. Complete IXL SS.4
  3. No practice page for today- just work on IXL.

Grammar Brain Pop Jr. Video

You can create a free BrainPOP Jr and BrainPOP account at

Source: BrainPOP

Vocabulary Workshop


1. Complete synonyms and antonyms practice page in Vocabulary Workshop pg. 113

This will be the last week we use this book. We will start to focus only on the vocabulary from the Reading book to help you concentrate on just one set of words.