TI 83/84 for Normal PDF Calculations

TI 83/84 for Normal PDF Calculations

Author: mary daunis
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Graph the Normal PDF

Shade the Desired Area - Normal PDF

TI NormalCDF Part 1

Use the normalcdf function of the TI calculator to find the area of a shaded region - for this example we find the area to the left of 85 - the syntax is

normalcdf(lower bound, upper bound, mean, standard deviation)

TI NormalCDF Part 2

find the area bounded by the normal curve between 85 and 115 - that is, find the probability that a score will be between 85 and 115:

P(85 < X < 115) >>>>> normalcdf(85, 115, 100, 15)

TI NormalCDF Part 3

find the area bounded by the normal curve and to the right of the score 115 - that is find

P(X > 115) >>>>>>> normalcdf(115, E99, 100, 15)

TI InvNorm Part 1

find the z score that corresponds to a given LEFT cumulative area - TI returns a z score that cuts off a LEFT cumulative area -

TI InvNorm Part 2

you can find a z score when you know the area to its RIGHT by first determining the area to the LEFT - and use that as the area value in the invNORM function -