Tide critical thinking questions

Tide critical thinking questions

Author: Kay Kubat
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MN Standards

The student will know that scientific investigations involve the common elements of systematic observations, collection of data, logical reasoning and developing a hypothesis.

Source: MN standards

Tide critical questions

I will be able to identify the step of the scientific method used, create a prediction and identify the branch of Earth Science that the tidal events belong to.

Source: Heath Publishing

Make a copy of this and answer the questions, then share with me.

Source: Mrs. Kubat

Kristi and David are visiting the ocean for the first time.  They notice that in the morning the ocean water level is very low.  In the afternoon they notice that the ocean water level is much higher.  They begin to wonder if this action will happen all week.  Being bright young scientists they decide to keep track of the changes for the next three days of their vacation.

Three day results:

  • Day 1:    7:30 am  low water level:    1:30 p.m.  high water level;     7:30 p.m.  low water level
  • Day 2:    7:30 am  low water level:    1:30 pm    high water level;     7:30 pm    low water lev​el
  • ​Day 3:    7:30 am  low water level     1:30 pm   high water level        7:30  pm   low water level

What step of the scientific method is Kristi and David using?

Predict the water level at 1:30 am based upon the data observed over three days.

Kristi and David do some research on the web and find out these changes in the water level are caused partly by the moon and sun.  What branch of Earth Science do these events belong? 

Source: Heath Publishing