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Author: Patty Ridlon

Guide for Barrington K-3 classroom teachers on how to open TINET forms on-line


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I tried to put together some documents that might be helpful as you work on TIENET forms. There are a few reading samples and a math sample below. I attempted a video of how to navigate when you are in TIENET. Just note, since the video, there has been a small change on what gets filled out. We do need to address the INSTRUCTIONAL AREA and a GOAL. You can see the samples for this.  Remember this is a collaborative process, just get them opened and start filling in some of the information. We can tweak them together later

District Flow Chart

This is the newest version of Procedures and Processes for BPS RTI plans.


WHO do I document on TIENET and WHO on PAPER?


Documenting Plans




Plans must be documented on TIENET in the following situations:


·         Title 1 student


·         Reading Specialist, Special Educator, or Math Specialist is providing direct service


·         Tier 3 intervention (see parameters for guidance)


·         In June, when Tier 2 will carry over to the following year.

This plan should be collaboratively created and updated by the specialist and classroom teacher.




·         If the student is receiving Tier 2 interventions from the classroom teacher. (The group intervention plan we did at data day is fine)


·          In the spring, students who are determined to be in need of continuing an intervention in the following school year, will have their paper plan changed to TIENET plan.


Step by Step video on how to 0pen a Tienet Form

PLP grade 3

Below are two examples of what a Reading Plan might look like on TIENET. Note the change in idntifying the Instructional Area and adding a Goal. The goal needs to be something measurable. For example...

-Increase phonic skills as measured by performing at the 50th percentile on AimsWeb Nonsense Fluency.

-Read grade level text fluently as measured by running record at level K at 95% accuracy

-Benchmark level on CORE Phonics Survey


Sample 2


Math Sample