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Timbuktu Lesson 14

Timbuktu Lesson 14

Author: Mr Davis

To understand the geography, the culture and the history of the ancient city of Timbuktu.

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Tonight I would like you to begin to learn about the ancient city of Timbuktu.  In order for you to become familiar with the city of Timbuktu I have put together a video to get you started.  While watching the video please take some notes.  Remember that when taking notes it is important to identify the most important facts.  Please do not write a summary for the video.  These notes should be placed in you binder in the section labeled notes. 

Source: Russell Davis

Introduction to the City of Timbuktu

Map of the location of Timbuktu

Below is a Map of the West Africa.  Find the following places:  Timbuktu, Niger River, City of Gao, and Djenne. Review those locations and be able to locate  them on a map tomorrow.

Map of West Africa

Article on Timbuktu

Read the following article.  As you read take notes.  Remember not to summarize the article.  Pull out the facts and main ideas and create a bullet point list.  When you are finished please answer the 10 questions below this article.  See you tomorrow!



Timbuktu Assignment

After reading the article above please complete all of the questions below for homework. When you are finished please make sure that you Submit the form using the "Submit" button at the bottom of the questions form.