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Tips and Tricks for Chrome in the Classroom

Tips and Tricks for Chrome in the Classroom

Author: Margaret Powers

Learn how to use the Chrome Web Store to find apps and extensions that would enhance learning in your classroom. Then discover new resources to find and use Chrome apps and extensions. 

This tutorial will walk you through what a Chrome app is and how to find them. Then you'll have a chance to read about some favorite Chrome apps and extensions for education and begin searching for ones that would work in your classroom. 

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Chrome Web Apps and Extensions

Check out this great presentation by Molly Schroeder on using Chrome Apps.

Read: 10 Free Google Chrome Extensions Teachers Should Try

Check out these 10 great Chrome Extensions. Which ones will you start using?

Review: 13 Good Chrome Extensions and Apps for Students and Teachers


This post has a list of extensions and apps that you can start using in your classroom. Choose one or two to try out this week! 

Visit the Chrome Store to Start Choosing Your Own Apps

Take a look at the Chrome Web Store and filter by "education" to see what apps might be good for your students.