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Tips For Effective Studying

Tips For Effective Studying

Author: Suzanne Miller
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Here’s the secret: No one study method works for everyone. There are guidelines that will help you to formulate your own perfect method of studying. This is what this article is about - finding your perfect studying method. One thing that is true for all studying is that distractions need to be packed away. Social media and the likes need to be ‘banned’ from your study time and your study space. You also need to remember that you need to enter a study zone. A study zone is when your mind is readied for studying and it knows it is now time to retain the important facts coming in. With multiple distractions such as your cellphone beeping, friends phoning or visiting, the dog scratching at the door or your little brother entering your study space, you will not get to learning anything effectively, not even your essay writing.

The most important study tips

1. Study space with boundaries

You need a dedicated study space. If you don’t have an entire room, and simply a space in the house somewhere, that is also fine. This space however needs to be off limits to everyone and everything when you study. It needs to have your study notes against the wall. Affirmations work brilliantly, so try print some and stick them up to remind you of how fantastic you are. You also need to tell everyone that you are studying. Try to print a study roster, stick it up on the wall, nice and big, so that everyone knows. Ask the people in your home to please respect your study time. Do not make exceptions for anyone or anything. Your study time is your future, make sure that you treat it like that.

2. Lots of healthy snacks

Brain food is important. The body needs nutrients for the brain to work effectively. Snacking also helps keep you alert and awake. Snacking on things like berries and sunflower seeds are an excellent idea. Peanut butter sandwiches are also excellent. Try not to overdo your caffeine intake with too much coffee and tea, but a cup of coffee is not a bad idea at all. Have a glass of water and always stay hydrated. Also, remember not to eat too much or else you will feel sluggish and want to sleep.

3. A dedicated playlist

Music is a great companion for studying. Make sure that your playlist is dedicated to studying and does not have a sneaky heavy metal piece hiding in there somewhere that blows you off course. Ambient backing music works brilliantly, and if you do want the best music, then Mozart is your friend. Try not to have songs with vocals and keep the music at a soft volume.

4. Old exam notes

Studying requires testing, and testing is best done from old exam notes and papers. It is less stressful to know what you are preparing for. If you sit and prepare by putting yourself through old exams, then your actual exam experience will not be that taxing on your stress levels. Try to test yourself as often as possible. The human being learns best from mistakes or errors, if you use old papers to gauge what you know and what you do not, then you have great direction to begin with.