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Tips for Success in Anatomy & Physiology

Tips for Success in Anatomy & Physiology

Author: Aaron Mullally
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The video in this tutorial was created to help students make the subject of anatomy & physiology a little less daunting. In this video I cover a few main topics:

  • define anatomy & physiology
  • the importance of a positive attitude
  • figure out your "learning style"
  • manage your study time and skills properly


Source: Mr. M

Tips for Success in A&P

Source: Mr. M

Post Video

If I haven't traumatized you too much already, here are some things you should think about after watching this video:

  • Everyone is a visual learning since it's our primary sense, but what other sense or learning style fits you?
  • Are more of an individual learning or do you work better in groups?
  • What is anatomy & physiology in general, and how is it going to be important for you in the future?
  • Evaluate the importance of a positive attitude, and think about ways that you can stay on task in this course so you don't get behind and sink the the mud
  • What are your goals, how will you tackle studying this material, etc.?

Source: Mr. M