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Tips on Choosing Correct Position Essay Topics

Tips on Choosing Correct Position Essay Topics

Author: Daisy Rowley

How to Select Interesting Position Essay Topics to Reiterate you Position

The students are assigned with many different types of essays throughout their academic career and a position essay paper is one such variant. This type of writing assignments will enable students to come up with an interesting issue and provide their position on the issue. You should also demonstrate your overall knowledge of the subject and the perspective of opposing position as well. The position taken up by you can represent the majority or the minority but it needs to be backed by proper supporting evidence and justifications, in order to be considered as an effective position defense. These types of essays are often assigned to students who are pursuing law or political studies course modules as people in such careers are often compelled to take up positions and defend them. In order to write a good position essay, students need to come up with good position essay topics.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Topic

In order to write a successful coursework paper, you need to select the right position essay topic. The right position essay topic therefore, should be interesting to you so that it can generate enough enthusiasm in you to prompt further research and probing to understand more about the subject. Writing a position essay or any other type of essay is a lengthy process which will take a few days or weeks. If you can write my essay for me, select a topic or have been allocated a topic that bores you, it will make the entire writing process an unbearable experience. Below are some questions you need to consider when selecting topics for the position essay.
• The most important consideration is “are you interested in the topic selected?”
• How difficult is the topic?
• Do you hold an expertise or a good knowledge on the subject area?
• How easy will it be to find valid and reliable information pertaining to the topic?
• Is the topic controversial in nature?
• Are there sufficient and adequate opposing viewpoints about the topic?
• Is the scope of the topic manageable in relation to the essay length?

Topics to Consider in Writing a Position Essay

There are many position essay topics which can be considered to write an interesting essay of this type. As it is very similar to that of a persuasive and argumentative essay, you should look for selecting topics that have a controversy or contradicting perspectives on the subject matter. Here are few examples:

• Should marijuana be legalized?
• The importance of uniforms for public schools.
• Is our dependency on computers good or bad?
• Should cigarette smoking be banned everywhere and not only in public places?
• Importance of censorship of books in public schools.
• Child brides – Does it violate human rights?
• Should the destruction of rain forests be stopped?
• Is it important to test all athletes for drugs?
• Should mercy killings be legalized?
• Is it necessary to increase sex education to prevent teen pregnancies?
• There should be legal penalties for child abuse by parents.
• Should all colleges and high schools be co-ed?

If you are having trouble coming up with good position essay topics, seek some inspiration from sample essays. Such essays are now freely available in essay sites and essay banks. You can also obtain the assistance of a good essay writing service that will not only provide topic suggestions but also write a custom essay for you.

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