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TMS- Cornell Note Taking Strategy

TMS- Cornell Note Taking Strategy

Author: Kandis Sauls
  • Review the importance of a good note-taking system with students.
  • To introduce the Cornell Note taking system along with practicing the Cornell System
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Cornell Notes Lesson Plans

This is a 3-day lesson.Please review the lessons closely. If you complete the lessons on Wednesday, feel free to review PBIS or continue with your content lessons on Thursday and Friday.


Cornell Notes: Step by Step

***This power point will be used each day. ***
This informative slide show presentation gives learners step by step instructions for creating Cornell Notes. It also contains slides for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday practice. Please preview this section before Monday.

Cornell Notes Tutorial for Students

Students watch this and set up Cornell Notes on paper. This is an additional resource.

Video Game Addiction News Clip

Tuesday's ARK- Students are to view the clip before they read and take notes on "Video-game addiction a real problem, study finds"

TIP: You will have to download the file to view the clip.

Video-game Addiction a real problem, study finds

You will need to make copies of this text for your students to read on Tuesday. Students will practice Cornell Note Taking using this article.


How to Spot a Counterfeit-Video Text

This is the video for Thursday's lesson. Students are to view the clip and answer the questions provided in the Cornell Note format.

Sample Cornell Notes

So, what might Cornell Notes look like in my content area? This section provides sample Cornell Notes for different subjects. Take a look. How can you begin using this note-taking strategy in your class?


Cornell Notes Template

This template can be downloaded and printed for classroom use.