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To Function or Not To Function...

To Function or Not To Function...

Author: Lauren Daniel

Students will learn about 11 types of body systems and how they perform together as a team.  After completing this tutorial, students will have foundational tools necessary to complete an informational writing paper including information about specific body systems.  

Students are asked to go through the various media included in this tutorial independently.  They are encouraged to write down interesting facts they learn in the videos and slideshows.  If there are any questions, students should write these down or email their teacher:   The tutorial uses several resources from:  What a great website!  

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Human Body Systems

Watch this video about all the body systems. Take notes in order to remember and organize the information for later.

Human Body Video Handout

Check this out!



Body Systems run-down. Use the arrows below to scroll to the left and right. Write down at least 3 things that surprised you. Why were you surprised?

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