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To Write Or To Rewrite an Essay: That Is the Question

To Write Or To Rewrite an Essay: That Is the Question

Author: Timothy Lyall

It should be acknowledged that writing a college essay is not the easiest thing to do. Sometimes, it requires a lot of time and effort. What is more, sometimes the professors require the students to write some special types of essays the students have never encountered before. Therefore, it is not a secret that a lot of students often embark upon rewriting an essay instead of writing it from scratch. Hence, while the question that the majority of students ask themselves is whether to write or rewrite an essay, this article will try defining the best option to follow.

It Is Quick

It should be acknowledged that rewriting an essay is a way quicker and easier option to choose. When someone rewrites an essay, there is no need for conducting any preliminary research; there is no need for analyzing the information and synthesizing its most important points. As a matter of fact, there is no need for doing at least something. Just open your word processing software and start typing. Oh, yes! Almost forgot! You have to find an essay to rewrite from.

Plagiarism All the Way

If you think that paraphrasing an essay will save you from being caught red-handed with plagiarizing someone other’s essay, you are wrong. You need to understand that the modern software is capable of detecting the similarity between ideas, and regardless of how good you might be at paraphrasing, you will get an eventual punishment that may arise to the expulsion from your college or university.

One thing that the majority of students do not like doing is compiling a preliminary draft that the professors often want to read prior to the submission of the final draft. Getting some online help here is not a sin, as you can always submit ‘rewrite my essay for me online’ and get some proper draft within the deadline provided by you. As a matter of fact, this is the best way to not rewrite an essay but start learning how to write yourself.

Get Your Eloquence Ready

If you have, despite the odds, decided to rewrite an essay, get some help from an online thesaurus service, as you will need to use your words in the best way possible. Of course, when a student rewrites an essay, he or she might often come up with some brilliant ideas of their own. However, incorporating them into the paper would be not that easy as it might seem at first sight. There is a need to understand that when rewriting an essay, this not only the ideas of another person that you plagiarize but also the structure, tone, and style of writing. Fitting in another person’s writing style with your own insights and ideas might be extremely hard.

Nothing to Learn

When you think about the process of writing, it is of the utmost importance to understand that the pivotal point of crafting an essay is to learn something new. Unfortunately, when people embark upon rewriting the thoughts of others, there is nothing for them to learn. This is only self-conducted scrupulous research, followed by a thorough analysis of the material scrutinized, and finalized in the form of a written paper that can actually teach you something


There is, actually, nothing to contemplate about when it comes to the discussion of avenues that one has in terms of writing or rewriting an essay. It can be clearly seen that rewriting an essay has no potential value for the student. When someone opts for rewriting, he or she ends up knowing nothing. It is much better to get some online assistance with composing the draft and then expanding on it. It is easier, and it is a great way of learning how to write essays yourself.

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