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Today I want to share with you some tips.

Today I want to share with you some tips.

Author: susan wall

Below are sample of specific essays on how to write.

1)The Lovely Bones Essays: How to Get Your Paper Done
Are you so impressed with The Lovely Bones of Alice Sebold that you cannot start writing your essay? Well, this happens. Besides, the story is really impressive and makes the reader think about various things that we usually do not pay attention to.
Your feelings and impressions can be a good basis for a good The Lovely Bones essay. Still, they are not enough to create a well-developed and an informative piece of writing.
Anyway, you are inspired to write an essay on The Lovely Bones and it is a good starting point. The rest of work you will complete with our help.
This, we introduce some steps that you should take to write a thrilling essay on The Lovely Bones.
The Lovely Bones essays: step 1
Read the story if you have not done it yet or re-read some passages that you liked most of all. Jot down some ideas that you find helpful for preparing your essay on The Lovely Bones.

The Lovely Bones essays: step 2
The story is very symbolic, and interpreting the meanings of some symbols is one of the major tasks for you. So, we suggest you to make a list of main symbols and write down some basic explanations for each of them.

The Lovely Bones essays: step 3
Analyze the main characters of the story. Who do you think undergoes some significant changes throughout the story? Talk about this character in your essay on The Lovely Bones.

Finally, we have an exclusive suggestion on how to make your paper stand out. Take pictures of some places or objects that you believe can illustrate events depicted in the story. Add them to the essay on The Lovely Bones.

2) King Lear Essay Writing
Writing a King Lear essay is a common assignment for students of literature class and to be more exact, for those studying Shakespeare’s works. King Lear is one of the greatest tragedies by the well-known author. It is based on the legend of King Lear of Britain. It is a rather controversial itself, therefore, the King Lear play turned out to be the one challenging the reader with various questions to answer.

We suggest you the following problems to investigate in your King Lear essays:
The problem of King Lear sources and history;
The history of King Lear’s performance;
Can Lear be regarded as a tragic hero?
Comedic elements in King Lear;
King Lear’s descent into madness;
Cordelia’s confidence in King Lear;
King Lear by Shakespeare: woman and lust in the play.
One of the easiest ways to resolve the problem of King Lear essay is to pick out the most interesting character of the play and give his/her interpretation. But make sure that the essay topic you have chosen is formulated in a clear, precise and capturing the reader’s attention way. In general, all custom essay types on literature are expected to present the author’s interpreting of the characters.

While writing a King Lear essay one is sure to analyze the two prevalent topics: the depth and darkness of the play and the way the characters react to this state.
We warn you to be careful with the arguments you use to support your thesis statement. It is preferable to use them supporting with text lines. In this case you should reference the quotes in a proper way.
Mind also the structure of your King Lear essay. It remains the same as for other types of custom essays:
The essay introduction which has the thesis statement where the main problem of the King Lear is disclosed;
The main body where you present the evidence supporting your point. The main body consists of the topic sentences followed by the arguments proving them;
The conclusion consists of your restaing the main ideas of a King Lear essay and calls the reader for further investigating the problem.
Good luck with your King Lear essay!

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