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Top 15 Blogs

Top 15 Blogs

Author: Amee Wittbrodt
  • Understand, analyze, evaluate, and use different types of print, digital, and multimodal media.
  • Critically analyze information found in electronic, print, and mass media and use a variety of these sources.
  • Explain the guidelines to follow when writing a blog post.
  • Apply these guidelines to a personal blog.
  • Analyze 1 of the top 15 blogs and determine what makes it popular.

This packet provides an overview of the guidelines to follow when writing a blog post and asks students to apply them to their own personal blogs. After exploring the top 15 most popular blogs, students are asked to choose one to analyze and answer specific questions about.

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Background Information


How to Write a Stellar Blog


It seems that everyone has a blog, including President Obama. If you regularly visit blogs, you know that blog posts come in all shapes and sizes. Posts can be long, medium, or short. If you look at lists of popular blogs, you’ll realize that very different types of content can attract a crowd of readers. The difference between a good and a not-so-good post is all in the execution.

There are many reasons why posts are interesting. Sometimes it’s the writing and the personality behind the writing. Sometimes it’s the ability to find and put together links to content that is interesting, or weird, or unusual. Sometimes it’s the ability to create community around your blog. It takes some experimenting to understand what type of blogger you are and what style matches your personality, motivation, and interest. So try different things and see how it feels.

A good blog post is a post you love writing and represents you unique voice. It also is a post that has value for you and/or your readers. We read posts to have fun, perhaps to learn something, discover something interesting, hear a different point of view.

Short and crisp posts are popular, because they require less effort to read (but not necessarily to write). It’s easier to grab the attention of your readers with a short post that to maintain it through a long post and it’s fun to jump from one short post to the next linked post again and again. On the other hand, long posts can be valuable and satisfying because they allow you to develop a topic, to create connections, and to present a different point of view.

Different styles of posts appeal to different people. You need to choose a style that matches yourself and your audience, and then get better at it with practice.

Whatever you do, try to be respectful of your readers. Provide value, don’t waste their time, put some care and attention in your writing, no matter how long/short, personal/objective, opinionated/balanced your posts are. Put some love in your blogging, and you’ll get some love back.


Guidelines to write a good post on your blog

  • Appealing Title
  • Write Honestly
  • Include Visual Appeal
  • Engage in Discussion
  • Proofread and Copy Edit



Appealing Title

The headline of your post makes immediate impact on the reader. Pick a startling title with keyword phrase in it. Keep it 5 to 10 words long and capitalize words. If your title is impressive you will attract more readers to your post.

Write Honestly

Put your thoughts and opinions with open heart. Pour out all your thoughts on the topic you are discussing. Your visitors are reading it because they want some good tips, tricks and resources from your post. When visitors are coming to your blog, it's your obligation to give them the best.

Include Visual Appeal

Your web site should look appealing and inviting to others. Include a basic color scheme. Make sure people can read your font size and color. Add graphics that relate to your writing and provide something to look at in addition to your written words.

Engage in Discussion

Ask questions from your readers and get them involved in active and lively discussion in the form of comments or mail. Allowing the readers to interact and take part in the discussion popularizes your blog.

Proofread and Copy Edit **

Before you click the publish button, make sure you have checked for grammar, punctuation, capitalization and other mistakes. Remove all the clutter and arrange the lists properly. Making your post free of any typographical and grammatical errors makes it good reading experience for your readers.



Things to avoid



· Always try to avoid being too negative

· Raise issues, but don’t try to impose your beliefs on others

· Don’t include links to commercial sites or resources

· Don’t include links to inappropriate materials

· Never give specific names, places, addresses or contact information


Top 15 Blogs

Top 15 Most Popular Blogs

Here are the 15 Most Popular Blogs as derived from the eBizMBA Rank which is a constantly updated average of each website's Alexa Global Traffic Rank, and U.S. Traffic Rank from both Compete and Quzntcast.

Click on the above link and explore a minimum of 3 blogs.


Discussion Questions

  1. T/F? Long blogs that ramble on and on are the most popular.
  2. T/F? When writing a blog, the author should always try to impose their beliefs on others.
  3. T/F? When blogging, the author should never give out specific addresses or contact information.
  4. According to the website, Top 15 Blogs, how many Unique Monthly Visitors does average?
  5. What blog is ranked 5th on the top 15 blogs website?
  6. According to the information at the top, why are blog posts interesting to read?
  7. What are the 5 guidelines to write a good post on your blog?
  8. According to the top 5 blogs, what conclusion can you draw concerning what people like to read about on blogs?
  9. What information can you take from this assignment and apply in your own blog?
  10. Choose one of the Top 15 Blogs to view. Browse through the blog and answer ALL of the following questions:
    * Does it have an appealing title?
    * Is it written honestly?
    * Is is visually appealing?
    * Can you engage in discussion with anyone?
    * Is it free of errors in grammar and punctuation?
    * Overall, why is this blog popular?