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Top 5 reasons to get started with Sophia!

Top 5 reasons to get started with Sophia!

Author: Marble Happy

Get people involved and excited about going to Sophia!

We list our top 5 reasons and encourage others to add their reasons.

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Know anything about....???

#1  You have a paper due about Einstein or a calculus question...


Sophia can help!

Source: Retrieved August 11, 2010

But what about...?

#2  You are helping kids/friends/colleagues complete homework or a job assignment...

(Don't you just love the bow tie?)

Sophia is the place to go for homework help!

Source: Retrieved August 11, 2010

#3 Someone asks for a video to demonstrate means and variances - send them to Sophia

Sophia has videos made by students, teachers and other interesting folk - all there for you to learn from and enjoy...

Source: Created by Andrew Cero, July, 2010

You need to settle an argument...

#4  You and your significant other are in a knock-down, drag-out argument about the origin of cubic zirconia...


Sophia is a place to go for answers!

Source: Retrieved August 11, 2010

And finally (although there are many other reasons)...

#5  You want to share your knowledge and expertise with the world but aren't sure where to "put yourself out there"...


Sophia is a safe environment for your creative impulses - so come check us out!