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Top Math and Science iPhone and iPad Apps

Top Math and Science iPhone and iPad Apps

Author: Amber Stone

The iOS devices on the market today are excellent for teaching, especially for grade school children. At this age, kids are often tech-savvy enough to use an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Take the opportunity to turn your Apple mobile device into a quality educational source with these top science and math apps for your children today! 

Britannica Kids: Solar System 

Who doesn’t want to learn about the solar system? Children, especially grade school aged, often find the thought of distant planets and space exploration absolutely enthralling. Encourage their craving for greater knowledge of the galaxy with Britannica Kids: Solar System app. It’s not free, but at $4.99 it’s comparably cheaper than many solar system and space books available on the market today. This app has pretty accepting system requirements, needing only iOS 3.0 or later to run, and can be installed on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. There’s also memory match, jigsaw puzzles, and other games to help keep the space learning experience fresh. The draw of outer space can be huge for young children, and Britannica Kids helps take this interest to new heights!


Mathboard, featured on the iPad ad on TV, is a hit math app for grade students. Priced at $4.99, it comes with a myriad of educational features. Students can learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division through the customizable modes in Mathboard. Furthermore, the graphics really are quite nice-with a eye-catching virtual chalkboard for the problems, even a chalkboard calculator! Take custom quizzes on the topic of your choice with up to 250 questions using a random problem generator for more learning experience!


One of the best ways to learn in school is to make the learning process fun and entertaining, thereby helping education lessons stick with the student. SumStacker takes this approach seriously, with a solid game app for helping students learn their arithmetic. Complete with colorful, school sketch artwork-style graphics, SumStacker has gamers and students arranging values to fit basic math problems. It’s also super bargain priced, at only $0.99, and will run on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch! For even more challenges, students can learn numbers in Spanish, tackle the roman numerals, or take part in the thrilling Race Mode (timed gaming to solve as many puzzles as possible before the clock runs out). With high praise online and loads of positive customers comments, SumsStacker looks like a solid choice for grade-level children learning their arithmetic. All things considered, there are many useful applications for learning math and science. Check ios app review service to find the most relevant apps for your studies. 

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