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Top Myths Why People Not Going To The Therapy Session and Duration Of Treatment

Top Myths Why People Not Going To The Therapy Session and Duration Of Treatment

Author: Edward Carter

Myths For Not Going To The Therapy Session

  • It's Crazy Treatment
    Myth! Talk to any psychologist or go to a Psychology clinic reception to find out that you won't see crazy people as patients. Thus, the incidence of people with some personality disorder, colloquially called madness, is minimal, for some non-existent professionals.
  • There Is No Confidentiality Of Information
    Myth! Psychologists have a Code of Professional Ethics. Therefore, one of the fundamental questions of the professional who receives a patient in the office is to store data with protection (passwords, encryption, etc.) and not to disclose any patient information to any other person or professional, unless the patient expressly consents.
  • It Is Attested To Weakness Or Mental Disability L
    Myth! According to clinical psychologist Fábio Caló, with more than 20 years of experience in clinical practice, most of the patients who sought him out in those years were people with great intellectual, professional and personal capacity, but who at a given moment needed a professional opinion to solve a certain problem or learn to deal with the immutable situation. According to the psychologist, it is wise to seek a specialist in the field of psychology because you speed up processes, save time and increase the quality of life.
  • Will Pass
    Myth! There are many studies, mainly American, that show that treating mental disorders, in the beginning, is cheaper than waiting for the evolution of the condition. When there is a diagnosis, mainly, there are psychological and pharmacological resources that help to pass. 
  • A Friend Is Better Than A Stranger
    Myth. Friends are people with a commitment to friendship, support and care, but they can unwittingly keep you in a bad situation. This, because they listen to you, make you let off steam and sometimes advise based on their life experience. However, a psychologist from is studying 05 years in an undergraduate course, and yet, at least 02 years in specialization to learn to apply scientific knowledge in each therapy session. Friends can help, but they cannot conduct psychotherapeutic treatment. 
  • It's not Unnecessary Expense
    Myth! Psychology is going to demonstrate, more and more, results in its interventions. It is what we call Evidence-Based Psychology. Therefore, people who attend therapy sessions pay a professional for results that are clearly observed. These results may not occur in a short time, but they do come.

What is the Duration Of Treatment?

A therapy session lasts, on average, 50 minutes, which can be increased depending on the need of the day, but this needs to be agreed upon with the professional. The duration of psychological treatment depends on several factors:

  • Type of complaint or mental disorder;
  • Patient characteristics and history;
  • Treatment goals;
  • Frequency;
  • Individual patient progress;
  • Type of methodology and therapy; and

There are cases where the person feels attended to on-demand with just a single therapy session. But, as a rule, in general, the duration of treatment is a personal matter, which varies from person to person. 

However, in some milder diagnoses and when a person has limited time or financial resources, the duration of treatment can be defined as early as the first treatment session. Contact with the psychologist offers a new perspective and perspective on life, helps to see the situation from a different perspective and teaches how to deal better with problems and emotions.

Therefore, the frequency of the therapy session can vary from person to person, problem to problem. Most of the time, one session a week is enough, but it may happen that the psychologist recommends more than that per week, or even, that the sessions are biweekly.

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