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Author: Beth Shobe
  • TSWBAT: Describe the ideal conditions for tornado formation as continental polar and tropical maritime air masses colliding.
  • TSWBAT: Locate tornado alley and explain why 95% of tornadoes occur in this location.
  • TSWBAT: Describe the process by which tornadoes form using the terms front, supercell, density, and cumulonimbus in their explanation.
  • TSWBAT: Demonstrate a knowledge of tornado safety by describing the safest course of action both indoors and outdoors.
  • TSWBAT: Rank tornadoes on the EF scale given descriptions of damage to estimate wind speed.
  • TSWBAT: Provide examples of historical tornado events.

View the mentor mob videos, ppt, and screencasts before taking the quiz on tornadoes.

The quiz on moodle must be completed to receive credit.

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Raging Planet EF Scale

Watch this video and the Raging Planet: Supercell video then complete the guided worksheet.

Source: Downloaded from Discovery Education

Raging Planet Supercell

Watch this video and the Raging Planet EF scale video to complete the "Tornado Video" guided worksheet.

Source: Downloaded from Discovery Education

Tornado Videos Guided Worksheet

Complete this worksheet after watching the "Raging Planet: EF Scale" and "Raging Planet: Supercell" videos.


Source: Created by Beth Shobe

Tornadoes-Mentor Mob Playlist

This is a playlist of videos and webpages that will help you with the important concepts about Tornadoes.

Source: Created by Beth Shobe in Mentor Mob

tornado ppt

Tornado PowerPoint

EF Scale Power Point

Power Point on the EF Scale

Source: Created by Doug Spishock & Pat Donahue

Tornado Note Sheet

Print this note sheet and add it to your science binder.