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Total War or Not?

Total War or Not?

Author: Elizabeth Helfant
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Nuts and Bolts

Please login to your google account.

Please open DyKnow and join this class section.

Download and install Photostory 3 (read prompts and don't install extra stuff)

Was WWI an example of Total War?

In order to answer this question, you need to first define total war.

For the next 3 minutes, and I will use a stopwatch to hold us to that definition, create a concise definition of total war on a shared google doc. You will all be writing at the same time, but everyone needs to have a definition of their own at the end of the 3 minute period so spend most of the time thinking and writing not reading the thoughts of others. After you write your definition, you can peruse the class list.

Collecting your Refined Definition?

Having looked over all the definitions, please copy and tweak your defintion from the google doc on the DyKnow slide.

Yes, No, or Maybe So?

Please let us no your current thoughts on the question at hand.

The Results

View the results.

Brain Storming with Spiderscribe

Now that you have a definition of total war, you need to decide if you think that WWI meets the requirements set forth in your definition. You will need to identify good reasons and select evidence that justifies your position.

We will use Spiderscribe to brainstorm.  Please go to spiderscribe and get an account Make sure you create a free (total free) account.  Take a minute or two to play with it while everyone gets registered.



You should create a mindmap that has a center idea that states your opinion on total war. You might write Total War - YES or Total War -NO. 

From the central idea, brainstorm why it was or was not a total war. Include primary source documents and images to help you do this. To add images, you need to download them and upload them. It might be helpful to create a folder to store the images that you use for this. We will use these images and others in another part of this activity.

Writing a Thesis

Looking at your Mindmap/brainstorm and your definition of total war, compose a solid thesis statement on the DyKnow slide that has been submitted to you.

Creating a Photo Essay Response to the Question

Find Photo Story 3 for windows on your computer. If it is not on your computer, download it and install it. (if we can't use Photostory 3 or if you prefer, you can use Vuvox Collage.Vuvox will require you to get an account- Use your school email and username. )


Using images and information that you collected during your brainstorming session, you need to create a "photo essay" that includes your thesis and then uses images, music and primary source documents along with a minimum number of words and narration, to present your argument.

If you make a photostory project, you need to save it to the computer and upload it to youtube to get the embed code.

If you use Vuvox, you need to finish the project and get the embed code.




Turning in Your Photoessay

You need to submit your final project on Google Sites.

Instructions are on the Google Site page.