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Author: Jason Heiser
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Machiavelli quotes

This is a list of quotes used in class for determining whether Roosevelt, Mussolini, Stalin, and Hitler would be considered good leaders in the eyes of Machiavelli.


Source: Jason Heiser

Totalitarianism Part 1

This is a continued discussion of FDR and whether or not he is a good leader. Additionally we discussed Mussolini and whether he is a good leader. The perspective on whether or not these men were good leader is based on the Machiavelli sheet from class

Source: Jason Heiser

Totalitarianism Part 2

Discussion is on the reading and leadership of Joseph Stalin.

Source: Jason Heiser

Totalitarianism Part 3

This is the discussion on Hitler and leadership. See the PPT below to get more details of this lesson.

Source: Jason Heiser

Which leader is this?

PPT for the last day of the Unit on Totalitarianism. After examining whether or not these leaders were good leaders, according to Machiavelli, discussed personal thoughts on their leadership. This presentation looks at stuff your history books don't tell you about these leaders.

Source: Jason Heiser