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Author: Katie Hou

This lesson provides an explanation of the basic frameworks necessary to connect technology, content and pedagogical knowledge in the 21st century classroom.

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21st Century Instructional Practices

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Source: Image of TPAK Venn Diagram by Lennon, Creative Commons,

Notes on "TPACK"


(00:00-00:17) Introduction

(00:18-00:54) Essential Questions and Reminders

(00:55-01:28) CK

(01:29-02:19) PK

(02:20-02:59) TK

(03:00-03:22) PCK

(03:23-04:11) TPK

(04:12-05:27) TCK

(05:28-06:23) TPACK

(06:24-08:58) Classroom Integration

(08:59-09:24) Reflection

(9:25-10:24) Conclusion

Additional Resources

Partnering for Success: A 21st Century Model for Teacher Preparation

This white paper focuses on on partnering for success for 21st century learning and the application of TPACK to prepare new teachers in various educational models. It also examines case studies and provides concrete examples and suggestions.

TPACK Goes to Sixth Grade

This is a great article detailing the implementation of TPACK in a 6th grade classroom. Refer to the findings section to determine possible implications for your classroom planning and instruction regarding the integration of technology, pedagogy, and content.

Using TPACK to Guide a 1-1 iPad Pilot

This article outlines how the implementation of a 1-1 initiative is being rolled out using the TPACK framework at Alexandria Country Day School in Virginia. The article focuses on the following critical areas and provides examples of each in action: Collaboration, Enduring Understandings, Deeper Learning, and Lessons Learned.