Trade First Subtraction

Trade First Subtraction

Author: Kristy Ardinger

 To review the trade-first method for subtraction.

In this packet, students and parents will learn how to use the Trade-First method of subtraction as taught by the Everyday Math curriculum.  There are links to videos, games and practice sheets to help enhance learning of this method.

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How to do the Trade-First Algorithm

This is an example of how to do the Trade-First Algorithm that I use in the classroom with my students.

What is Trade-First Subtraction and How do I use it?

Follow this link published by the University of Chicago explaining how to complete the Trade-First subtraction algorithm.




Or - try this link, also by the University of Chicago.


Free Family Resources from Everyday Math

1.  Click on the link below
2.  Click on the Free Resources link in the bottom right corner
3.  Click on Algorithms in Everyday Mathematics
4.  Click 2
5.  Click Subtraction
6.  Click Trade-First Subtraction (focus)


Trade-First Subtraction Practice

This is a page you can use at home to practice the Trade-First Subtraction method.

Full Screen

More Trade-First Subtraction Practice Ideas

Here is a website that allows you to move the base ten blocks between columns to visualize what it means to trade-first.


Trade-First subtraction App for your iPhone, iPad Touch, or iPad


Ghost Bust Subtraction Practice