Author: Sebria Mitchell

To learn place value by recognizing the value of a number based on the position of its digits.

This packet will use a smartboard activity to help hone student’s mathematical skills in number sense, mathematical thinking strategies, and place value.

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The Trading Game

This is a game that can be duplicated on paper, using real math manipulatives. In guessing the number, the students must use mathematical thinking strategies to problem solve to derive at the correct number. The student partner will also use math vocabulary to give clues or hints to aid in problem solving to derive the chosen number. It is great for center time.


Money, Money, Money!!!!!!

Final Note:

Background Knowledge


Whole Numbers

Counting Up

Counting back

Skip Counting



Final Note:

This is a game that can be duplicated on paper, using real math manipulatives.  In using the dice and choosing their manipulatives, the students practice their skills with subitizing (seeing quantities represented in a variety of ways).  Students then combine subitizing, with counting up or back, skip counting,  and regrouping skills.  Making sure that students verbalize their thinking increases their oral language and math vocabulary.  This a great center time activity.