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Trait Theory: Introduction to Trait Theory

Trait Theory: Introduction to Trait Theory

Author: Barbara Ludins

This lesson will introduce trait theory and its early history.

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Introduction to Psychology

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  • Common Traits

    Traits shared by most members of a specific culture.

  • Individual Traits

    Specific person’s unique personality traits.

  • Central Traits

    Core qualities of a personality; major characteristics you would use to describe an individual.

  • Secondary Traits

    Preferences or dependent on the environment.

  • Cardinal Traits

    Traits that are so basic that all of a person’s activities can be traced back to the trait.

  • Trait Theorist

    A personality psychologist that attempts to identify and measure particular aspects or pieces of a person’s personality (or traits).

  • Personality Trait

    The basic and stable and consistent qualities people show over time and in different situations; the building blocks of a person’s self, or sense of who they are.

  • Allport’s “Lexical Hypothesis”

    Gordon Allport identified 18,000 words representing traits in the dictionary and organized these into levels of traits.