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This lesson will examine the process of transcription as the first step in protein synthesis. It will also identify the three types of RNA.

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En esta lección vamos a hablar sobre el proceso de transcripción y su papel en la síntesis de una proteína.

Terms to Know

Sections of 3 nucleotides that code for an amino acid.


Sections of RNA that code for proteins.

Genetic Code

Information stored in the nucleotide sequence of DNA that forms our genes.

Protein Synthesis

The formation of proteins by using information stored in DNA to form proteins.

RNA Polymerases

An enzyme used to form a single strand of RNA from a DNA strand.

Regulatory Proteins

Proteins that can stop or speed up transcription.

Start Codon

A codon used to signal the start of an amino acid sequence on a strand of mRNA.

Stop Codon

A codon used to signal the stop of an amino acid sequence on a strand of mRNA.


The process of converting DNA into RNA.


Messenger RNA that is used to convert RNA code into protein.


Ribosomal RNA is used to produce the structure of ribosomes.


Transfer RNA that is used to bind ribosomes to the start codon of a nucleotide chain in order for translation to occur.