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Transfer of Heat - Conduction
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Transfer of Heat - Conduction

Author: Nathan Lampson

Our physical science tutorial explains why you burn your hands when you touch a stove.  By using a real life example explaining that heat transfers through conduction, physical science can be applied and understood in context.  Learn about one of the three main ways heat is transferred, and how we classify objects according to how well they transfer heat.

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Transfer of Heat


Conduction is one of the three ways that heat is able to move.  With conduction, heat is transferred from one particle to the next without any movement of the matter.



When you hold an ice cube in your hand, the heat energy in your hand is transferred to the particles in the ice cube causing it to change phases and melt.



Heat from a fire is transferred from stone to stone around the fireplace by conduction.  Heat in the stones is transferred from one particle to the next.

Transfer of Heat