TRANSFORMATIONS - Horitzontal Translations

TRANSFORMATIONS - Horitzontal Translations

Author: Kate Sidlo

By the end of this tutorial, students will be able to graph the horizontal translation of the absolute value function.

Students will be able to identify the vertex, pre-image, and image.

Students will be able to identify the new vertex using the y = |x - h|

This tutorial introduces students to graphing a translation of the absolute value function.

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Take notes from the video/screen shots.

TRANSFORMATION - Horizontal Translations

Horizontal Translation Slides

Full Screen


ABSOLUTE VALUE: The distance from a number to zero on the number line

IMAGE: The resulting graph after the transformation.

PRE-IMAGE: The original graph before any transformations

TRANSFORMATION: Any change in size, orientation, and/or location of a function or shape

TRANSLATION: A slide of a function to the left/right, and/or up/down

VERTEX: The point where the slope of a graph changes direction from positive to negative or negative to positive