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This video explores the process of polypeptide synthesis. It addresses the prior activation of the tRNAs first before examining the Initiation, Elongation and Termination phases of polypeptide synthesis. It closes with a brief summary of chaperonin and a link to a HHMI lecture from Dr. Horwich who discovered chaperonin.

Source: M. O'Mahony, open source images

Translation - part 2

These 2 slides contain information on the protein chaperonin as well as a summary of the process.

Source: M. O'Mahony, open source figures

Student Notes Template

for students to complete while watching this tutorial


Source: M. O'Mahony, open source images

BioCoach: Translation (Interactive Tutorial)

Interactive tutorial on the process of translation.

Source: Prentice Hall: BioCoach - Translation

DNALC - animation of Translation (Basic)

This animation of Translation is straightforward and uses less complex language.  This should be watched prior to the advanced version.

Source: DNALC

DNALC - Translation (advanced)

This animation has a more descriptive and detailed explanation of the process of Translation.

Source: DNALC

From DNA to Protein

This narrated animation illustrates the process of protein synthesis,starting with chromosomal DNA inside the cell's nucleus. A gene istranscribed into messenger RNA, which leaves the nucleus and binds toa ribosome in the cytoplasm. There, transfer RNAs attach and build apolypeptide chain that will fold into a functional protein. Adaptedfrom InteractiveNOVA: "Secret of Life." (3.24 min)

Source: PBS NOVA

Translation - animation

Source: John Kryk

Translation Animation - good

Source: Virtual Cell Animation Collection

Bacterial Polysome

Source: Flicker - site