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Transmission of the Teaching

Transmission of the Teaching

Author: Carissa Wyant

This lesson discusses in general terms the ways in which religious traditions perpetuate and define themselves via sacred texts, oral traditions, ritual, liturgy, preaching, and works.

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Terms to Know

Instructional, intended to educate.


The attempt, usually through persuasive speech or writing, to convert non-believers to one's own religion--typical of most sects within Christianity.


The manner in which a particular religious group conducts public worship.

Oral Tradition

The practice of teaching important religious or other doctrine verbally, without writing them down.


The act of transmitting moral or other teachings to those already within the same religious group--contrast with evangelism.


The attempt by one or more members of any religious group to persuade others to become members of that group.


Any text held in reverence by any religious group.